Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is
A. Simply put, is a locally owned and operated limited service Real Estate company serving Eau Claire and the entire surrounding Chippewa Valley community.  

We have a long and rich history of successfully bringing together Buyers and Sellers by providing our customers with direct access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service; the Realtors database).  We are able to offer this forward thinking and cutting edge service through the unique partnership we have with our parent and full service Real Estate company Chippewa Valley Realty Group, LLC who in turn provides access to the MLS for clients of   As a Seller, you will appreciate how we quickly become an indispensable friend in the marketing of your "for sale" property by providing you access to a large pool of Buyers.  

 As a Buyer, you will appreciate the convenience of searching all listings in Northwest Wisconsin combined with the ability to search local "For Sale By Owner" properties.

 Together, we are the Chippewa Valley's Real Estate solution!     

Q. What is the MLS?    

A. MLS stands for “Multiple Listing Service,” which is a computerized database of virtually all of the homes for sale in any given area. The MLS is the No. 1 resource used by buyers to locate their new home. Real estate agents primarily use the MLS system as the only source of real estate availability when working for their clients.  The MLS provides a surprising amount of detail, and includes pictures; the address; size of the lot; number of bedrooms and bathrooms; extra rooms such as a den, family room, formal dining room, or enclosed patio; amenities such as a fireplace, hot tub, pool, kitchen features, new carpet and drapes; capacity of garage; age of home; all room sizes; real estate taxes; and, of course, the asking price and terms. In addition to the homes currently available, it also contains sales history as well. The MLS brings together buyers and sellers.  It is a definite asset to you in any and all of your real estate needs. 

Q. Why should I choose the MLS listing option? 

A. This package will expose your property to thousands of buyers and Real Estate agents by listing it on the MLS for six months as well as a six month listing on In addition, your property will be listed on over 50+ national websites including,,,,,, to name just a few along with all the local Real Estate companies web sites through their affiliation with the Multiple Listing Service. (The combined number of potential buyers who visit this group of websites is incredible!!) This option not only gives you the benefit of cost savings that is inherent in the “for sale by owner” method, but also at the same time gives your property the critical exposure of the MLS. 

Q. Who will I have to pay a commission if I use the MLS option? 

A. As your listing agent for the MLS, we will NOT charge you a listing commission and will NOT accept a listing commission for our services (our cost is simply the low FLAT FEE charge of $495). With the listing agent's commission out of the picture, only the buyer's agent is left to pay. Remember, when listing your property with the MLS, the buyer’s agent is usually always the person who will find you a buyer and who will actually sell the property. This will obligate you to only the 2-3% commission you agreed to pay a buyer’s agent when they brought you a buyer and the property sells!  **Remember, if you find a buyer on your own, or if a buyer contacts you through, you will NOT pay a commission whatsoever even if you used the MLS to list your property.**   

Q. Who will see my listing if I choose to use the MLS listing? 

A. All buyers searching for property on any of over 50+ national websites including,,,,, and to name just a few along with all local Real Estate companies web sites through their affiliation with the Multiple Listing Service. (The combined number of potential buyers who visit this group of websites is incredible!!) Also all realtors who are working as buyers agents for their clients(basically just about everyone).    

Q. How much does a MLS listing with cost?
A. Only $495 for a six month MLS listing.    

Q. What is included when choosing the MLS listing with
A. A listing on the MLS, an online listing with, a professional yard sign, key lock box, 24-7-365 access to update or modify your listing, along with the ability to upload as many as 25 photos. See the What's included page for more information.  

Q. What is NOT included with my subscription? 

A. Negotiating with buyers or sellers on your behalf.    

Q. How long does it take for my listing to be active?
A. That depends on your method of payment. If you use a credit card, your listing will be available for you to complete immediately. Once you complete the listing process, your listing will be activated by the administrator, usually within 24 hours. Check or money order payments may take upwards of 7-10 days.   

Q. Will my home be listed immediately on the MLS after paying the $495 flat fee and filling out the online listing forms?
A. No. The MLS is separate from this website. We will need to set up an appointment in person to complete the MLS listing paperwork and perform a walk-through of your property. MLS listings are usually activated within the MLS system within 24-48 hours after the completion of the MLS paperwork and walk-through of your property.   

Q. How long will it take to complete the MLS listing paperwork and walk-through?
A. Usually less than an hour.    

Q. May I make changes to my listing information after it has posted?
A. Yes!! You may make any changes you like by logging into your account at any time. You may adjust descriptions, change the photos you have uploaded or advertise any upcoming open houses. All changes are in real time and will appear immediately, however if you have a MLS listing, you *MUST* contact us if you wish to change the price of your property.  

Q. I have an accepted offer or my house has sold; how do I update my listing status?
A. Simply login to your account and change your properties' status to pending, accepted offer, or sold. You may also email and we will update your listing. We will also come to pickup the yard sign and key lockbox after your property is sold. Please make sure that all signs are available in your yard for pickup.   

Q. Do I need to send you a copy of any offers to purchase or any other paperwork? 

A. Yes, we need it for your file if you are using the MLS Option. No, if you are just using the Basic web listing. Please use the prepaid envelope you received when we did the walk through and you filled out the MLS listing agreement or fax to 800-949-3173 or email to   

Q. How long will my listing remain active?
A. 6 months.   

Q. How are you able to list my property on the MLS? 

A. Through the unique partnership we have with our parent and full service Real Estate company Chippewa Valley Realty Group,LLC who in turn provides access to the MLS for clients of   

Q. How do I know if a buyer is approved for a mortgage? 

A. Many buyers today get preapproved for a mortgage before they begin to look at homes, especially buyers that work with agents who will often make that a requirement before any homes are viewed. The buyer should present you a pre-approval letter on the letterhead of a mortgage lender signed by a loan officer. If the buyer does not have such a letter, we recommend that you do not accept the offer until they have obtained one. Many lenders can provide these letters to a buyer within 1-2 days after the buyer completes the application and submits the required paperwork. Requiring a pre-approval letter keeps you, as the seller, from having to determine whether the buyer will qualify for a loan and makes the process much simpler.   

Q. I have a MLS listing and want to change the price I am asking what should I do? 

A. You must contact and then we must change the MLS listing to the new asking price. We must have written instructions from you in order to change anything, including the asking price, on the MLS for your listing.   

Q. I have a basic web listing and I want to change the price I am asking for my property, what should I do? 

A. Simply log into your account at to change the asking price or you may call 715-912-0414 or email us at    

Q. How much is the renewal fee for expired MLS listings?
A. $175 for an additional 6 months.    

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